luna dott raids the bee pigeon

We took 10 songs by (mostly) folk bands I used to know growing up in Kettering and turned them into poppy rock songs.


All of the original bands split up years ago (most of the songs are over ten years old) but I still had their demos so we figured them out using those, and the vocals on the album are by three of the original singers.


The songs were originally by Luna Sprout, MottDott, Tmart & The Raiders, Bee, and Tiny Pigeon.


I wanted to make an album that sounded like the sort of band I wanted to be in when I was 13 and started playing music with people.
Vocals by Quincey May Brown, Simon Fox and Bee Church
Guitar by Rob Deering
Bass by Will Collier
Drums by James Acaster


Recorded and mixed by Chris Hamilton
Produced by James Acaster


Artwork by Ben Foot

Any money made from this download will go to help support Youth Works CIC to provide facilities and support for young people in the Kettering area.


Youth Works CIC have managed to keep both The William Knibb and Keystone centres going (where all our bands used to practise as teenagers), despite many cuts to funding. They continue to enable young people to engage in all manner of positive activities and to feel part of their community, thanks to the support and generosity of the genral public.


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released November 5, 2016


1 written by Jake Ashton/Simon Fox
2 written by Quincey May Brown/Simon Fox
3 written by Simon Fox/Quincey May Brown
4 written by Bee Church
5 written by Quincey May Brown/Simon Fox
6 written by Joe Palmer/Martin Patrick/Luke Palmer/Will Thomas
7 written by Simon Fox
8 written by Bee Church
9 written by Tom Fox/Quincey May Brown
10 written by Jake Ashton/Bee Church