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Welcome to the number one coolest website on the net, jamesacaster.com.  I’ve decided social media can take a hike and am now focusing all my online efforts on this mother.  I’ll be regularly updating you all on what I’m up to, shows, projects, goings on…  as well as sending news to you all via my snazzy new mailing list, so please sign up above for even more fun!


I’ll leave you now to explore the site and disregard all other responsibilities in your life because let’s face it, this is all you need now. 


We are the future.  Believe. 



Listen to the Perfect Sounds and Off Menu podcasts

sweet home ketteringa

James returns to Kettering, with a camera crew in tow, to visit some of his old haunts.


I filmed 4 stand up shows that can be found on Netflix under the name Repertoire

classic scrapes

I have lived an extremely blessed life save for enough awful/stupid experiences to fill a book with and so I thought it only fair to fill a book with them.

perfect sound whatever

This has been a big old project for me and I feel extremely lucky to be able to turn it into a book.

2016.. the year of music!

Have a gander at James' collection of tunes from the best year of music... ever! 2016!

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