In September 2017, I filmed 4 stand up shows, Recognise, Represent, Reset and Recap and they can all be found on Netflix under the name Repertoire

james acaster


Repertoire comprises four live stand-up shows that all exist in the same universe and follow the same running narrative, coming together to form a serialised stand-up mini-series.


In Recognise we learn that James Acaster is in fact an undercover cop. He’s infiltrated a gang who are dealing drugs to stand-up comedians and has done so by assuming the identity of a stand-up comedian named James Acaster. The case isn’t going well, the captain’s breathing down his neck and he’s worried he doesn’t know who he is anymore.


In Represent we hear about James’ time doing jury service on a double murder case. But during the trial he appears to get overly obsessed with his fellow jurors as oppose to the case at hand. He also talks about his Christian upbringing and how he became agnostic because he could never be 100% certain of anything.  


In Reset we join James at a pivotal moment in his life. After masterminding a very clever scam for ten years and snitching out the rest of his crew, James is about to enter the witness protection program and get what he’s always dreamed of – a fresh start. What he wants is to move to Kenya but will he get what he wants?   


Recap covers James’ time in Loughborough as a lollipop man. He’s there as part of his witness protection and has changed his name and identity. After meeting a woman and falling in love he decides to try and make more of himself and climbs the ladder from lollipop man all the way up to his perfect job.